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2016, 2 min, 16mm 

Single channel projection with sound, 16mm transferred to video

When does the fiction of a film start? What happens when the film is over? Where do characters go? A story made out of fragments and discarded footage that takes place in a film shooting. The camera examines the landscape of the mise-en-scène, looking for meaning in the elements that could make up the picture.

In a shooting, the camera captures missing images, in complex processes involving a variety of factors, most of them random. The cinema set becomes the container where the possibilities are contained and the conditions are created to reconstruct and produced an image; in its architecture, nothing is false or true.
Built entirely with out takes, camera errors, blurry shots, and screen tests, from a previous movie, an unfinished project. SET OUT 1 uses this excluded material, to explore the dimension and unstable condition of the image, reflecting on the representation systems and modes of production, exploring in a minimum footage different reduction and exclusion operations, through which a system or language delimits its territory in order to be operative.

La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris; Haus der Kulturen der Welt
(HKW), Berlin, 2017

Nuevos Caminos, Valdivia, 2016

A project by Mauricio Freyre

Production stills, 16mm negative transfered to digital video, Estados Generales, 2021