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Single channel projection with sound, 2017, 8 min

A IS CID re-examines the history of Instant city, an architectural prototype of a nomadic city that briefly existed for a few weeks in 1971 in Ibiza. Built in community, it was a redoubt of the counterculture of the time. The project and its revolutionary ideas went unnoticed by the repression of the Franco dictatorship. The architecture of the Instant City linked psychedelic ideas and altered states with the drop out movement. Its designer, the architect José Miguel Prada Poole, was interested in the link between technology, ecology, spiritualism and architecture.Taking as an object of study two places related to this story, on the one hand the architectural offices where the prototype was designed, and on the other the natural landscape where the project was built, the film combines an ethnographic and fictional approach. The film superimposes different time scales to speculate on other critical ways of transcribing history into a present in ways without utopias.
The sound of the film is built with field recordings, instruments, frequencies, patterns and pulsations, related to different theories derived from the use of sound in meditation, trance and hypnotic induction therapies.

︎︎︎DAFO, Ganadora del Concurso Nacional de Obras Experimentales del Ministerio de Cultura, Perú, 2018
︎︎︎Nomadica, Exhibition, Bologna 2018
︎︎︎UNFORSEEN FESTIVAL Official selection for the Cine-Scope competition, Belgrade, 2017
︎︎︎SES DOTZE NAUS Residency, Ibiza, 2016

A film by Mauricio Freyre

Production stills, A IS CID, 2019